Friday, April 2, 2010

Heavy Socks

How heavy is a SOCK I wonder?

I’ll use the bathroom scales.
The needle doesn’t move a bit

And I worry why that fails.

So I weigh myself in just one sock
And then with both socks on.
I am the same weight either way

It’s a puzzle - something’s wrong.

So I weigh myself in ALL my socks
And yes, I now weigh more.
The needle’s gone right off the scale
Which it wasn’t just before.

So I peel a sock off my left foot

And then one off my right.

I know if I keep doing this

I’ll go from heavy to light.

I'll check my weight every two socks off

That seems about just right.

I don't suppose it matters much

If I lose a bit of height.

This takes an hour and fifteen minutes

My feet are feeling sore.

Now half my socks are on my feet

And the rest are on the floor.

But the needle stays right off the scale

Its nearly half past two.

It must be time to take a break

And rethink the whole thing through.

Yes I’m far too tired to carry on

I need a cunning plot.

Suppose I take off ALL my socks

And then weigh the bloody lot?

I can get a box to put them in

And count them one by one.

If I divide the total weight

By the count then I'll be done.

But there is one thing that troubles me

About this weight of socks.

How will I know the total weight

Without the weight of the box?

How heavy is a box I wonder?

I’ll use the bathroom scales.
The needle doesn’t move a bit

Can you guess what this entails?

If there is one thing I shall not do

Its do it all again.

With lots of boxes and no socks?

There's no way I'm that insane!


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